All Dad wants on Sunday is to know that you are thinking about him on Father's Day (and every day) and that you care about his wellbeing. So skip the silly socks, ties, chef hats, and grill sets and shower him with gifts that are delicious, plant-based and show him: "I love you, I appreciate you and I cherish the time we spend together." If your dad is like most, he has not hopped on the plant-based train yet. We have gifts that will help make him want to.

With that in mind, the editors of The Beet came up with delicious Dad gifts that will make Father's Day a real treat for any special man in your life happy, by showing the love and helping nudge him further ad helping him along gon his health journey, whether it means ditching Diet Coke, taking meat oof the table, Dairy or just making healthy food taste better with sauces and spices.

Procrastinated? Us too. There's still time for overnight delivery for most of these. We're ordering right after we hit save on this post! If your items can't be delivered by tomorrow, then punt and get him a card and put a picture of the gift in it. Tell him he will get the extra fun of celebrating again when your gift arrives!

Lucy's Favorite

1. HG Hudson Green Plant-Based Velvet Vodka Sauce

This dairy-free, creamy sauce from plant-based family-owned startup Hudson Green is so rich, homemade tasting, and satisfying that anyone (even the most staunch meat-and-dairy-loving Dad) will call it "my new favorite" pasta sauce. Slow-cooked in small batches, with vine-ripened tomatoes, no added sugar, and made with real ingredients, this Vodka Sauce will knock Dad's socks off. If he's a meat-sauce kind of guy try their Meatless Bolognese sauce, sprinkle some vegan parm on top and serve him up an Italian feast like he talks about.

One of the hardest things with Dads who love meat and dairy is to nudge them off their stubborn spot. Hudson Green's sauces will be just the thing that coaxes him toward a more plant-leaning stance. At least he'll be open-minded to trying new dairy-free options like cashew cheese or oat milk in his coffee; then move on to vegan tacos. It only takes one delicious plant-based meal to get someone started.

As for your dinner time stables, keep several jars of Hudson Green Velvet Vodka sauce on hand for those nights when you want to whip up a delicious plant-based pasta dinner, in a flash. Your family and guests simply won't believe that; A. it's plant-based, and B. you didn't make it yourself. Order a 2 pack of 16-ounce jars on Amazon now.

Stephanie's Favorite


1. Everlane ReNew Recycled Backpack

This Father's Day, I wanted to get my dad something that was highly functional that he will have for years on end and get plenty of use out of. This vegan backpack from Everlane fits the bill and is made from recycled plastic bottles that are diverted waste from landfills and lessening dependency on fossil fuels.

My parents are both avid hikers, and this bag will be able to hold their water, wallets, keys, and phones while they go on a trek, while looking sleek the whole time. It’s also lightweight and won’t weigh my dad down when he’s doing physical activities. The backpack is also made with environmentally safe dyes and has multiple compartments for easy access to snack bars, binoculars, or maps.

You can purchase Everlane's ReNew Backpack here on the brand's website. 

Hailey's Favorite

1. Alta: an aperitif in a can

On Father’s Day and every time I see my dad, I give him some kind of sparkling water or tonic hoping one day he’ll give up his diet coke addiction. I finally found the product that will change his mind and habits called Alta, an aperitif in a can. This tonic has the same mouthfeel and fizz as a diet coke but is made with healthier, all-natural ingredients like lemon juice, juniper berry, orris root, mandarin orange, and more. There’s a slight citrus taste to every can but it’s not overwhelming and you can tell it’s made with quality ingredients, nothing like aspartame. So for Father’s Day, I’m giving my dad a pack of Alta to see if he can trade his diet cokes for this delicious, bubbly aperitif and feel healthier.

To purchase Alta, click here.

Caitlin's Favorite

1. Make a homemade pizza with Bob's Red Mill Piza Crust Mix

Pizza is a prized possession in my Italian family so there's no better way to my dad's heart on Father's Day than a homemade pizza. I have actually never made pizza from scratch so I decided to give it a try before Sunday using Bob's Red Mill gluten-free pizza crust mix. I always thought that making dough from scratch was so time-intensive and difficult but this pizza mix makes it so easy. The results were even better: The crust was so crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. It was so similar to the real thing, I knew my dad would be more than impressed.

All you need to nail the perfect dough is olive oil, water and a flax egg (which consists of flaxseed meal and water). The step-by-step instructions on the back of the package made the whole process seamless. Once you have the perfect dough, let it sit for a minimum of 20 minutes before rolling it out.

Now comes the fun part: Toppings. Get creative and add all the plant-based versions of your dad's favorite from plant-based meat crumbles to dairy-free cheese. My plan is to get a little fancy on Father's Day and make a Mushroom and Vegan Ricotta Pizza with Truffle. (Kite Hill's Vegan Ricotta is my absolute favorite). For anyone who isn't a fan of white pizza, go the classic route using a vegan tomato sauce, So Delicious mozzarella cheese, or Miyokos mozzarella cheese. Not sure which vegan cheese your dad will like? Read The 10 Best Vegan Cheeses That Taste Like the Real Thing to find out.

You can find Bob's Red Mill products at Shoprite, Walgreens, Wegmans, Target, and select Walmarts. You can also order it online here.


Max's Favorite

1. Vegan Man Cookbook Manual

Coming from a restaurant family, moving to a plant-based diet can be extremely difficult. Some recipes feel very set in stone, so convincing my father to adopt plant-based alternatives to some of his favorite foods can be a challenge. That's why this Father's Day, I am getting him the Vegan Man manual for plant-based cooking. Even though I know convincing him to eat a fully plant-based diet would be nearly impossible, this plant-based guide will give him the chance to try some recipes at home.

This vegan cookbook contains 64 easy, delicious recipes that show you how to make a meat-alternative meal from your own kitchen. The plant-based cookbook can be used for any meal of the day, containing everything from smoothie recipes to tofu 'fish' and chips. The best part is that this gift is completely affordable, and can be purchased online for between $15 and $20.

Purchase here on Amazon.

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