Dad never wants to let on, but he is super proud of you. Make him know YOU know it with a gift that shows that you really get him and what he's all about. These 15 wellness and fitness-minded gifts are going to make Dad realize, yes he did need that, and it's fun to get gifts.

Of course, if like most dads, he also never wants you to pay a lot for stuff that ultimately hits his bottom line (if like most of us you still get a little help from the top), we found the best gifts at the most reasonable prices that show you care a lot even if you didn't spend a lot.

Here are 15 Father's Day gifts that help you celebrate your favorite dad, or the father figure in your life. He's the guy who made you get up and dust yourself off when you fell off your bike, or taught you how to skate, ski, or snowboard. He is also the guy who had your back when you needed it most (and reminded you that the betches in high school never amounted to a hill of beans). Dad is the guy who, ultimately, helped make you who you are. Let him know you really, really appreciate him.

1. Hourglass Water Bottle

For the dad who shirks apps and tech innovations, here’s a product he can get behind: A 32-ounce glass water bottle that helps you track your water intake between 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. to ensure you get your two liters worth (so he’ll use the Hourglass twice to hit the daily goal of eight glasses of water a day). It’s as easy as keeping the water level lined up with the current time on the….Grandfather clock.

Treat dad to the Hourglass Water Bottle, for $29.

 2. HyperVolt Body Massage Gun 

Everyone wanted these for the holidays and though they were on the list, at that time the $500 price tag just seemed too steep. Now there are really great ones at lower prices and no question, this will be a hit with the Dad who carried you on his shoulders and now has more aches and pains. The HyperVolt works great boasts a silent multi-speed massager and comes with interchangeable heads to get into every sore muscle, neck, or joint that needs a little extra TLC. and a rechargeable lithium battery.

Click here to learn more about the HyperVolt Body Massage Gun, for $159.

3. ClassPass Gift Card, gift cards in any amount

We know, we know, your dear pop is waiting with bated breath for that amazing moment when he can return to his yoga studio or spin maestros. Until then, let him choose from 50,000+ virtual classes a week—including boxing, HIIT, yoga, and more—that he can enjoy from the safety at home, or if he’s lucky, on a yoga mat in the backyard.

Check out ClassPass Gift Cards, and pick your favorite for dad. 

4. Rich Roll's Finding Ultra book, Revised and Updated Edition

This book is the perfect gift for the dad who needs inspiration, and it may just change his life. Rich Roll is an ironman and plant-based advocate with a podcast and a following among macho athletes and weekend warriors alike. It wasn't always the case. On the night before he turned forty, Roll was fifty pounds overweight and unable to climb the stairs without stopping.

He changed his diet to a plant-based one and began daily training, and morphed in just months from couch potato to endurance athlete. Finding Ultra recounts his journey to the start of the most elite Ultra Man competition, where athletes cover 320 miles of swimming, biking, and running. He then did the EPIC5—five Ironman-distance triathlons in less than a week, each on a different Hawaiian island. Tell Dad you just want him to run a 5K with you.

Rich Roll's Finding Ultra, Revised and Updated Edition, in paperback $13.95.


5. Partake Brewing 5-Pack,  $18

Just because dad doesn’t drink or is trying to be more health-conscious doesn’t mean he can’t enjoy a cold brew. Treat him to Partake’s award-winning craft non-alcoholic beer. Between the IPA, Pale Ale, Blonde Ale, Red Ale, and Stout he’ll have as hard a time picking favorites as he does between children. Made with all-natural, anti-inflammatory ingredients, sit back, relax, clink cans, and catch up with your old man over a drink you can feel good about.

Check out the Partake Brewing 5-Pack, for $18. Cheers to that!

6. Aventon Electric Level Commuter Bike 

With gas prices already through the roof, Dad may want to consider bike commuting. Or at least doing some of his errands on two wheels. And while just about every type of e-bike exists (mountain, road, commuting and hauling kids or other stuff) this bike was named by Bicycling Magazine as the best all around e-bike for any possible use case, and it's a growing field of competitors, so that should tell you something.

This relatively quiet bike comes with a built in rack, so Dad can carry everything he needs for his midtown meeting or Saturday pickle ball match. It's not an inexpensive gift, rounding up to 18 Benjamins, but hey, Dad's worth it!

Aventon Electric Level Commuter Bike, $1,799.

7. SmartBox Vegan Box

Sometimes, a man just wants to watch last season’s baseball game, crack open a cold one, and snack. Either buy this tasty collection of bites as a one-time gift or a recurring subscription for a time frame of your choice. Either choose the pre-set vegan box with popcorn, fruit crisps, cookies, and more or curate your own plant-based selection based on dad’s palate.

Check out the SmartBox Vegan Box for $39.99, or sign up dad for a subscription.  

8. Cubii Pro

For the fella that loves squeezing a workout in whenever he can (hello, dad who’s addicted to his exercise bike desk!), the first smart compact elliptical machine lets dad sneak some cardio activity in while at the kitchen table, sitting on the couch, or at his desk. Using the Cubii mobile app he can also track his workout progress (strides, steps, calories, distance, and time logged) as well as compete with other users on the app. Family elliptical challenge, anyone?

Learn more about the Cubii Pro, for $349.

9. Flex Disc

Jazz up dear pater’s workout routine with these easy-to-use, versatile tools that help with balance and activate many muscle groups in the body. He’ll be thanking you big time as he sees his strength, flexibility, and balance improve.

Check out the Flex Disc; $79 for one Flex Disc, $99 for set of two mini Flex Discs

10. Headspace

Give your favorite fella the joy of meditation with the motivation his Fitbit provides him with—stats, gentle nudges, and a never-ending quest to beat his best. With categories from stress to relationships, sleep to SOS, there's no shortage of tracks to cue up on this comprehensive meditation app that also includes "sleep casts," animations, kids programming, and more. Heck, he can even kill two birds with one stone and do any of several walking meditations on Headspace and log steps while he tunes into his surroundings and inner experience.

Check out Headspace; $69.99/year (first two weeks free).

11. Bed of Nails Acupressure Mat

Help your dad alleviate stress and muscle tension with this acupressure mat, available for purchase in a variety of colors. Ideal for those grappling with anxiety or can’t calm down before bed, acupressure mats have also been proven effective in muscle pain relief and management. Resting on the nails is said to release pain blockers, such as oxytocin and endorphins, so it’s helpful for chronic back and arthritic pain, along with general tension. Another great option? The Bed of Nails Acupressure Pillow, (currently $60.23) a man’s best mate in the Battle Against Neck Pain, besides Yoga with Adriene for neck and shoulder relief

Check out the Bed of Nails Acupressure Mat for $79.95.

12. Mosaic Foods. Meal Delivery Service.

Want to help dad eat healthier? He's going to love it when he finds out you signed him up for a subscription to Mosaic Foods. You can choose vegan or vegetarian meal plans, from a vast menu of delicious tasting entrees and now smoothies! Mosaic is the closest thing to having a private chef, with fresh-tasting meals ready in minutes. Just unwrap it and stick it into the microwave. Founded by two guys named Matt and Sam who wanted to offer farm-to-table fresh food to busy professionals, Mosaic is like having your own small-batch food delivery at the ready. Now national, Mosaic still delivers that small-batch taste.

Check out all the options for fresh meal delivery service at Mosaic's website.

13. Hydrow Interactive Rowing Machine

The latest at home workout machine is a new, improved rowing experience called Hydrow. The smooth, sleek machine is just the start of the fun, since Hydrow offers 1:1 coaching, live streamed classes with a screen that makes the rower feel like they are sculling along their favorite river, and a library of thousands of workouts to choose from.  Your lucky dad (and anyone else in the house who wants to try rowing as a sport) will think this is way cooler than a Peloton.

Rowing, or sculling involves a full body motion. You are poised on a sliding seat that requires you to push your legs down and away from anchored foot positions, while your upper body engages to pull the handle into your stomach. The proper stroke involves your legs, butt, abs, back, shoulders, arms and hands – and uses about 86 percent of the body's major muscle groups in any given workout.

Once you bring home your Hydrow, you'll need to join the club with a $38/month All-Access Membership to get access to their library of 4,000+ workouts and the Hydrow App. One Membership includes unlimited profiles for the whole family.

Shop Hydrow's website here. A Hydrow machine costs $2,495.

14. 1-800-Flowers Pilea Peperomioides Plant, $59.99

He may long be off the hook from changing your diapers, but that doesn’t mean your father doesn’t have the urge to nurture something of his own. This handsome plant is easy-to-care-for and purifies the air and will be a welcome addition to any table or countertop. Want to gift this Pilea Peperomioides houseplant (also known as the UFO plant because of its saucer-shaped leaves) a companion plant? Try the Snake Plant (Sansevieria) for  $49.99.

Check out 1-800-Flowers Pilea Peperomioides Plant starting at $59.99.

15. Fluid Stance Balance Board for his Standing Desk

Make every Zoom call into a core workout by adding this balance board to his home office. He can pretend he's snowboarding or surfing while keeping his balance and not get that backache and chair fatigue from hours of rolling calls and returning emails. This board makes work a little more fun.

Then use it as a game and time yourself to see who can stay upright longer without tipping down to one side. It actually energizes you as you stand, and builds core and length strength as you get better at balancing.  The $249 Level is a great option for the price.

Check out the Fluid Stance Balance Board for his Standing Desk for $249.

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