If you’re anything like us, the past few weeks of quarantine life have been immeasurably brightened by Hulu’s Little Fires Everywhere, a thrilling, thought-provoking drama based on Celeste Ng’s eponymous novel, in which Kerry Washington plays artist Mia Warren, alongside co-star Reese Witherspoon.

On the show, Washington’s character may be fiery and enigmatic, but in real-life we love her warm, nurturing spirit. One of the key things that helps the Hollywood star keep her cool? A yoga and meditation practice.

Amid these trying times, Washington has been kind enough to share a glimpse of her #NamasteAttHome routine with her fans on social media, and we love her tranquil garden space and the grounded, calming vibe she exudes. In a clip from May, she was kind enough to guide us through a simple restorative routine featuring poses like happy baby, knee circles, seated twists, and thread the needle.

Now, we’re grateful that she’s shared a longer garden yoga session, as part of the virtual 2020 ESSENCE Festival of Culture. Starting with a breathing technique known as Ujjayi breathing and proceeding to lead us through a gentle 11-minute stretching sequence, with a cameo from her adorable dog, Ms. Josephine Baker, named after the famed entertainer and civil rights activist.

Hulu Panel - Winter TCA 2020
Getty Images

You can watch the video on Essence’s website hereWe don’t know about you, but we think we just found our new bedtime ritual. If you’re craving a longer session from Washington, be sure to check out her nearly 30-minute yoga tutorial here.

While we all can’t wait to be back in the studio with our beloved yogi gurus⁠—hi Rebecca, Mackenzie, Colleen, Ayana, Ariana, and the crew⁠!⁠—we think we just found our quarantine salvation. Catch you on the mat.

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