Sustainable Food

Greenpeace Calls Out Meat Industry For Lack of Sustainability
International advocacy group Greenpeace just put the spotlight on the worldwide meat and dairy industries, blaming the food giants for inflaming environmental destruction and ignoring calls for sustainable innovation. The network is working to highlight the dangers of the meat industry by exposing the corporations’ efforts to hide the environmental damages through marketing and advertising strateg
Chef Marco Pierre White to Introduce 3D-Printed Steaks at His UK Restaurants
Michelin-starred chef Marco Pierre White just announced that he will serve 3D printed whole cut steak, made completely free of animal-based products, at his UK restaurants. The innovative alternative protein comes from Israeli food tech company Redefine Meat, using a proprietary artificial intelligence that reproduces the complex structures of animal muscles with plant-based ingredients. Whi... Re
Louis Vuitton Releases Luxury Sneaker Made From Corn
Luxury designer Louis Vuitton has stepped into the sustainable fashion market for the first time, following years of pressure from activists and rival luxury brands. The fashion house announced its new Charlie sneakers will be sourced from corn and crafted from 90 percent recycled and bio-based materials, bringing a Louis Vuitton design into the sustainability spotlight. LV incorporat...
The Carbon Footprint of a Thanksgiving Meal & How to Lower It
Thanksgiving kicks off the holiday season as the second most celebrated holiday in the US. Whether your traditions are old or new, the entire country gathers around a table that features a holiday feast. A new report from Brightly steps back from the Thanksgiving table to examine the sustainability of the nationwide meal, detailing the carbon footprint of each signature Thanksgiving dish. Brightly
What is Cell-Based Chocolate? Here’s How It Can Help the Planet
Food tech company California Cultured is expanding its sustainability mission to extend far beyond the food sector. Following a Seed Funding Round led by Agronomics, the company announced that it plans to tackle deforestation and child labor issues associated with cocoa production alongside enhanced development for its cell-cultured chocolate...
Jane Goodall to Narrate New Documentary About Cell-Based Meat
Legendary primatologist and environmentalist Jane Goodall is slated to narrate the upcoming documentary entitled Meat the Future – a film focused on the future of agriculture and cultured meat. Meat the Future spotlights the growing cultured meat market as companies worldwide begin to develop methods of replicating animal products without any slaughter necessary. The accla...