So Delicious Dairy-Free announced today that it will help launch Good People Loop, a non-profit program aiming to support coconut farmers associated with the brand’s parent company Danone. The partnership will work to help the coconut farmers responsible for the ingredients used to make the dairy-free So Delicious ice cream. The food giant Danone will focus on the farming sector of its supply chain, attempting to close wage disparities and promote sustainable practices in the crop yards.

The company plans to give back to the Philippine farmers and their communities as global demand for coconut products continues to increase. A report from Research and Markets found that the global coconut industry will reach 31.1 billion by 2026, but most coconut farmers worldwide cannot sustain a liveable wage. Good People Loop will work with farmers to enhance its production methods with practices including intercropping, composting, and mulching. The initiative plans to increase crop yields by 50% while increasing coconut farmer income by 100% over the next five years.

So Delicious Dairy-Free is committed to helping improve the well-being and profitability of people worldwide, starting with the coconut farmers that provide the basic ingredient for its signature products. Through Good People Loop’s #MoreThanTheMinimum campaign, the brand is working to enhance the living conditions at every level of its production chain to eventually facilitate a more inclusive economic system.

“So Delicious Dairy-Free is committed to doing #MoreThanTheMinimum to ensure that our farmer partners in the Philippines are able to thrive in their local economy,” Head of Sustainable Development at Danone North America Deanna Bratter said. “As a leader in plant-based offerings for more than 30 years, we believe it’s our responsibility to go beyond solely providing delicious, dairy-free products to do some good in the world. We believe in the possibilities of making positive social and environmental impacts, especially when everyone has an equitable seat at the table.”

The program is partnering with Livelihoods Fund for Family Farming (L3F) and Integrated Rural Development Fund (IRDF) to assist 1,000 coconut farmers in the Philippines directly. The coalition will provide funding, education, and solutions to increase farmer income. The initiative will focus directly on the people, helping the community avoid exploitation and underfunding.

“We’re proud to partner with So Delicious and Livelihoods Fund for Family Farming to bring this program to life for coconut farmers in the Philippines,” Executive Director for Integrated Rural Development Foundation Arze Gilpo said. “IRDF supports the organizing of cooperatives and economic associations of small-scale farmers on the ground. The Good People Loop program aligns with our people-centered approach to sustainable development and promoting livelihood resiliency in the region.”

So Delicious’ parent company Danone aims to highlight how its business can be used to help communities nationwide. The company is a member of the B Corp community, an initiative driven to serve the global community using business as a sustainable and communal source for good. The food giant, which has made strides in the dairy-free and plant-based sectors, is pushing to enhance its impact even further. Overall, the effort stems from the company’s dedication to align with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development goals.

“As a brand, So Delicious is committed to helping good people, like our farmers, earn more from farming so they can continue to grow amazing coconuts that go into So Delicious products,” Marketing Director at So Delicious Dairy Free Dave Robinson said. “By choosing brands like So Delicious that invest in the people in their value chain, you’re helping Good People Loop thrive.”

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