This summer, everyone is all about road tripping, camping, and hiking (heck, the friend who previously wouldn’t be caught dead in hiking boots has already moved to Montana). And when you’re on the road or enjoying tent-life, you always picture yourself cooking up gourmet fare over the campfire. The reality? Sad cans of beans and Trail Mix until you feel dizzy.

But what if we told you there was a better way, a tastier way, and it’s all a totally vegan way to grub out? Meet the six new vegan “adventure meals” from ReadyWise, previously known as the Wise Company. Known for being players in the emergency food storage sector, they’ve recently branched out into the outdoor industry with their freeze-dried camping meals and their Simple Kitchen snack collection.

In the new vegan offerings, hungry adventurers will find something for everyone. Currently, the line includes Coconut Blueberry Multi-Grain Cereal (breakfast), Four Bean and Veggie Soup, Sweet Potato Curry, Mango Sticky Rice, Wild Rice Risotto and Spicy Asian-Style Noodles. All of these meals have an extended shelf life of 15 years (yes, you read that right) and are beyond easy to make—just add water.

In the spirit of good ole campfire fun and those endless games of Mad Libs you used to play at your family’s mountain home, the adventure meals packaging features jokes, riddles, and hidden “seek & find” icons disguised in the illustrations on the front. Order them now online on here or find them in stores like Sierra Trading Post by the end of this month.

And for the rare soul among us who still can’t get into the whole hiking thing, these meals may very well be the ticket to getting them to do an Appalachian turnaround.

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