Next up was Upton’s Natural Original Ch’eesy Mac. Now without a doubt, Upton’s wins for the most innovative cooking methods. I will admit I was skeptical when I saw that the noodles were pre-cooked. Something about a shelf-stable pre-cooked noodle just didn’t seem right. But both taste and convenience turned me into a fan. You can cook these in either the microwave in only a minute, though I chose the frying pan method. It’s quite simple requiring you to simply add the noodles to a lightly greased frying pan, add in the packet of liquid cheese sauce, and then mix it all together. Pro tip: break up the noodles in the packaging before pouring them into the pan to save yourself any rogue noodles flying out of the frying pan while you break them up.

It took only 5-6 minutes to cook and it came out with a wonderful golden brown crisp on the noodles. The cheese sauce was pretty solid overall, with a good cheesy flavor. It had a bit of a smoky flavor and aftertaste, not overbearing but noticeable. But the crispy cheese element that came from the frying pan was awesome and gave it a really unique texture.

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