Plant-Based Alternative Zero Egg Launches on World Egg Day

|Updated Mar 31, 2021
Zero Egg

There's a new vegan egg alternative that's looking to crack into the U.S.' plant-based egg industry: Today, Israeli startup Zero Egg launches "The Egg This World Deserves" on October 9th, World Egg Day. Zero Egg's initial launch is B2B in the foodservice space as it partners with Gordon Food Service for distribution, but the brand says that retail products will be available as soon as next year.

Zero Egg's Plant-Based Alternative is For Eating and Baking

Zero Egg offers two products, an EGG Basics edible egg-like scramble for omelets, frittatas, and quiches and BAKE Basics with a specialized baking application for making cakes, cookies and other baked goods, both in powder form. Currently available to U.S. food manufacturers, Zero Egg offers a cost-efficient way to introduce more dishes made without chicken eggs to restaurant plates everywhere but insists that the products aren't just for plant-based eaters, rather for everyone.

“Zero Egg is a game-changer because we are working with major foodservice players and food manufacturers to transform the industry by not only making plant-based food more accessible but the norm. Designed with a clean taste and a texture to be used in a wide variety of dishes where eggs are traditionally used, Zero Egg offers increased flexibility and affordability," said Liron Nimrodi, CEO, and co-founder, Zero Egg.

Zero Egg Zero Egg

"We're launching 'the egg for everyone' on World Egg Day to crack old food paradigms and proudly demonstrate that Zero Egg is the best choice as the only plant-based egg that does it all," said natural products industry veteran Isabelle Francois, general manager, Zero Egg North America. "We've seen a huge shift in vegan meat, milk, and cheese offerings at full service and fast-casual restaurants, especially among the flexitarian crowd. Now it's time to not only disrupt the plant-based egg category, but to become the leader of it by offering the most ethical, tasty, versatile, and economical egg alternative on the market."

Zero Egg is made with a blend of plant proteins including soy, potato, pea, and chickpea protein and rings in at only 15 calories per serving and no cholesterol. The brand says that its goals are to make a positive impact and empower sustainable foods with the creation of Zero Egg, which takes an estimated 93 percent less water to create when compared to its chicken egg counterpart. 

Sales of plant-based egg alternatives have soared in recent years as more and more consumers opt for vegan versions. Zero Egg is looking to convince even more eaters to make the switch: "One hundred billion eggs are sold each year in the U.S. alone, just think of the impact if just 10 percent of them were replaced with Zero Egg, which is not only ethical and less expensive but also super delicious,” said Dan Y. Altschuler Malek, managing director at Unovis Asset Management-New Crop Capital and Zero Egg board member.

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