Eat JUST Inc., the maker of plant-based mung bean JUST Egg, has announced a new partnership with Post Holding's Michael Foods, the largest distributor of eggs to restaurants in the US. Teaming up with this giant foodservice distributor will help JUST Egg reach more American consumers than ever. This partnership allows Michael Foods to be the exclusive distributor of JUST Eggs to American restaurants while dipping a toe into the plant-based food industry and expand its offerings into the more sustainable alternative of plant-based eggs.

Building a Better Food System with JUST

Josh Tetrick, CEO of Eat JUST weighed in on the new partnership, saying, "For over 100 years, the Michael Foods family of businesses have leveraged quality ingredients and cutting-edge processes to offer the finest products and solutions to their customers. This partnership adds an innovative new product to their impressive portfolio. Our companies share a great deal in common. We're fathers and brothers and sisters and mothers, all sharing a belief that the food we eat is one of the most important choices we make. Signing this partnership is one of the proudest moments in our company's journey to build a better food system.”

Mark Westphal, President of Michael Foods, added to Tetrick's comments: “We are excited about this new partnership. Eggs will continue to be a nutritious and affordable staple in America’s diet, and JUST’s plant-based egg products offer a great complement to our value-added eggs by allowing customers to serve every consumer their preference. Working together, we are bringing innovation and options to the food industry.”

Plant-Based Egg Alternatives Soar in Recent Years

In 2019, the sales of plant-based eggs skyrocketed by 192 percent and 228 percent in the past two years, while sales of traditional chicken eggs fell by ten percent. JUST Egg sits at the top of consumer's preferences for plant-based egg alternatives and saw a 36 percent increase in sales during Q1 of 2020. JUST recently expanded their product portfolio to offer a pre-folded grab-and-go version of the mung bean liquid egg, and acquired its own manufacturing facility to help ramp up production and slash prices of the liquid egg nearly in half, to a SRP of $4.99. With wider distribution in part thanks to Michael Foods, full-time production and a lower-priced product, all factors poise JUST to have a banner year in 2020.

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