JUST Launches #TheNewBreakfastClub Campaign in Time for Back-to-School

|Updated Aug 3, 2020
Courtesy of JUST

Plant-based egg alternative favorite JUST Egg has rapidly become a breakfast staple for the plant-based, plant-leaning and everyone in-between: In the last year alone, sales of plant-based egg alternatives have been up 192%, and JUST Egg accounts for 99% of that, selling the equivalent of 50 million eggs. The fluffy, delicious, I-can't-believe-it's-not-the-real-thing product has become an integral component of breakfast for families all over the country, and its protein-dense mung bean formula is great brain food for students to start the day off with.

Even though schooling may be mostly virtual this fall, JUST wants to send the message to parents nationwide that their egg replacement, available in liquid to scramble or pre-folded omelets, is the perfect way to break the fast as part of a complete meal.

Enter the launch of #TheNewBreakfastClub, JUST's latest digital campaign with programming on food education, recipes, live tutorials and influencer engagement focused on easy breakfasts, healthy lunches and nutritious snacks incorporating their products.

To keep up with this content, make sure you're following JUST's Instagram account, where the company will be sharing recipes, ideas and live tutorials for easy breakfasts, healthy lunches and nutritious snacks every day during the week of August 3rd.

JUST's Live Instagram Programming:

Monday: Build-Your-Own
Tuesday: Breakfast For Dinner
Wednesday: Show & Tell (& Eat)
Thursday: Parents’ Day Off
Friday: Fun Food Facts
Saturday: Order Up!
Sunday: Meal Prep

Along with this digital campaign, JUST is also supporting #TheNewBreakfastClub social media efforts with a million-dollar, multi-platform ad blitz showcasing our top-selling plant-based JUST Egg and all the different ways the product can be used in breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes.

If you haven't yet tried the revolutionary plant-based product, now is a great time to pick up a bottle of JUST Egg at the store: JUST, Inc. recently acquired its own manufacturing company to speed up and move to full-time production, which has led an effort to lower the mung bean scramble to an SRP of 4.99 per bottle, slashing the retail price nearly in half. During your next grocery store trip, be sure to grab a bottle or two, and tune into JUST's Instagram this week to learn all of the different ways you can prepare the delicious egg alternative.