The meal replacement and shake market is getting more crowded, but there's one brand that seeks to differentiate itself by improving gut health and blood sugar and aiding in weight loss as well as strengthening the immune system. Muniq is a unique gut-healthy meal replacement made for consumers suffering from chronic conditions like diabetes who want to improve their health. Since successfully launching a prebiotic fiber shake in May, Muniq is looking to expand its product line after raising $8.2 million in a Series A investment round.

Muniq's unique blend is made with prebiotic-resistant starch that has been linked to improving blood sugar control, managing weight, and boosting digestive health. The shakes are made with all-natural ingredients, 26 vitamins and minerals, and no soy or sugar. Muniq boasts 15g of protein, 7g of net carbs, and 15g of fiber in one serving (2 scoops).

The latest round of fundraising was led by Alpha Edison Acre Venture Partners, and other strategic investors including former NBA all-star and investor Baron Davis, and founder of SimplyProtein Cathy Richards.

"Muniq has established a solid foundation in science and efficacy based on the rapidly emerging clinical research on the gut microbiome. The life-changing results experienced by Muniq customers exemplify the brand's vast potential to address some of the most pressing health epidemics of our time," says Nate Redmond, Managing Partner at Alpha Edison.

Muniq's founder, Marc Washington, created the brand after noticing consumers suffering from chronic health issues had little choice in products that could help them feel their best. "I created Muniq in honor of my late sister, Monica, who suffered from diabetes and other chronic health issues," says Washington. "It's always been my aspiration to help people regain control over underlying conditions, with products that can literally transform their health and that actually taste good. I'm inspired every time I hear about the life-changing impact Muniq is having on our customers' lives. And personally, as a Black founder, I am passionate about Muniq being part of the solution to help address the vast health disparities affecting Black and Brown communities."

Muniq shakes come in two vegan flavors vanilla and chocolate. You can find it on Muniq's website here

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