Netflix and really chill with the calming new series from the uber-popular meditation app, Headspace, now streaming on a Netflix account near you. Headspace Guide to Meditation is narrated by Headspace co-founder and former Buddhist monk Andy Puddicombe, taking viewers on a journey of tranquility that we all need right now. In addition to guided meditations, the show gracefully instructs on the science behind and benefits of meditation complete with placid animations and quiet music throughout. Each of the eight 20-minute episodes zooms in on a different meditation technique — say, anchoring on your breath, or noting — and is geared to help us all “be more present and less distracted in our daily lives.” (We’ll take a double dose of that.)

Headspace Guide to Meditation debuted on the streaming platform on January 1, the perfect time as many embark on New Year’s resolutions like maintaining a daily meditation ritual, practicing self-care, and keeping stress in check. Produced by Vox Media Studios, Headspace Guide to Meditation is the first of three Netflix original series coming to the streaming giant in 2021 (the next two are Headspace Guide to Sleep and an interactive experience).

To check out the show, watch it on Netflix at The series will also be subtitled and dubbed in 30 languages to help spread the serenity to speakers of many tongues. Watch the trailer below to get a taste of the show.

Yeah, we’re taking that 20-minute lunch break away from our desk, after all. Breathe deep and join along?

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