If you're vegan or plant-based and single, you probably already know that your food choices can be a point of contention when going on a first (or fourth) date. Do you tell them about your dietary restrictions ahead of time? Will they like the food at the vegan restaurant you suggest? What do you say if you end up at an eatery that only has fries and a side salad for you? Tinder is looking to make this process easier by bringing together plant-based singles this April. The company is partnering with Beyond Meat to offer Plant-Based Picnic Packs for two to 500 singles across the United States.

In honor of Earth Day, Tinder introduced the Plant-Based “Passion,” allowing people who share an interest in plant-based lifestyles to connect with each other. The new passion will be launched with the special offer brought by Beyond Meat. The free plant-based picnic will be given to the first 500 people who match with the Plant-Based Passion card and attach it to their profile. The picnic will come with full date night gear from Tinder and a free voucher for Beyond Meat products.

“We’ve seen an increasing amount of love for environmentally-friendly dates in member bios, including a desire to meet up with fellow plant-based watches,” Tinder Vice President of Product and Growth Udi Milo said. “Now daters can share their passion for sustainable living one plant-based meal at a time.”

More Singles Are Looking for a Plant-Based Partner

This emphasis on plant-based lifestyles comes after Tinder studied how its users feel about plant-based lifestyles as well as environmental issues. The company found that women on the app claim that vegan and vegetarian diets can be one of the top traits they search for in a match. When swiping through the app, the users remarked that looking for someone who is environmentally and nutritionally aware can be a determining factor. The app also announced that environmentalism is the top cause-related passion for Tinder users, making this eco-friendly date appealing to a substantial amount of its users.

Tinder cited a report that also found that 65 percent of Gen Z desires plant-forward eating for themselves and a partner. With the younger generation leaning heavily towards a plant-based lifestyle, Tinder realized the trend is unlikely to disappear.

Tinder’s plant-based date package comes after OkCupid revealed data that showed diet to be a major factor in people’s preferences. The insight found that one in four users ranked a similar diet above sexual chemistry and physical appearance. The shocking figure displayed to these dating apps just how important a person’s dietary lifestyle is regarding dating. The Plant-Based Passions will play cupid on Tinder’s interface and hopefully will link together singles who care about their eco-friendly eating choices.

To find love and express your love for plant-based eating, people can use Tinder starting April 22 to select the plant-based passion. For the singles interested, start swiping early on Earth Day to secure a date package, and hopefully, beyond the first 500, the dietary marker will help future couples link together.

The date package provides a full plant-based date experience, drawing attention to the vast array of products that Beyond Meat has established. Beyond Meat continues to expand its offerings to meet a rapidly growing demand for animal-free foods. The plant-based pioneer has expanded to multiple fast food companies including Carl’s Jr., Taco Bell, and eventually McDonald’s. Beyond Meat products also can now be found in 28,000 retail locations across the United States, most recently stocking the shelves of CVS.

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