Remember the days when shopping at Costo as a vegetarian or vegan meant ordering a fruit smoothie at the food court and hoping you could find a decent veggie burger? Now, you barely have to look and you’ll likely see an array of plant-based burgers, General Tso’s Tofu, vegan chicken tenders, dairy-free ice cream, and so much more. (For some additional inspiration, read our guide to the best vegan items to get at Costco.)

Now, we’re pleased to learn from our friends over at VegNews that a hotly anticipated launch is making its way to the warehouse club: Loma Linda’s Hawaiian Bowl with Pineapple and Brown Rice.

Earlier this month, the vegan website announced that Loma Linda—which is owned by Atlantic Natural foods—would debut both Loma Linda Hawaiian Bowls and Ultimate Vegetarian Chili at Costcos around the United States this summer. The rollout will begin in the Northwest, before expanding to the rest of the country later this summer.

Customers will be able to pick up these tasty new shelf-stable products in boxes containing six 10-ounce pouches. The Hawaiian Bowl will be first to launch, followed by the plant-based chili. So what can your taste buds expect in the Hawaiian Bowl? Each microwavable pouch contains a flavor-packed medley of fried brown rice with pineapple, bell pepper, peas, ginger and soy protein, and, in our opinion, with a simple cucumber salad and refreshing beverage makes for the finest of no-brainer summer dinners.

As for the Ultimate Vegetarian Chili, brace yourself for a savory, satiating mix of pinto beans, red kidney beans, soy protein, tomatoes, and spices.

For those lazy nights where you feel like taking the night off from cooking but don’t want to splurge on delivery, we’re pretty sure these new finds will become your restaurant-worthy favorites.

So tell us: What’s your favorite heat-and-eat vegan meal to make for the times when you need a break from your chef’s apron and the ole cutting board? We’d love to hear your go-to's.

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