Just say the words “Mac & Yease” and our mouths begin to water. Really, we have to stop what we’re doing, throw our work papers and laptop off the dining room table and make time for a meal. It’s an understatement to say we’re fangirls of vegan chef Ayindé Howell’s Mac & Yease and BKLYN Bolognese sauce.

Now, we’re excited to learn that the life-long vegan and celebrated Black chef and author of The Lusty Vegan has made a 30-year commitment to support Black Americans.

Last week, the plant-based food wizard took to Instagram to share the news. “*Announcement* this is more than a moment. For me it’s a 30-year commitment,” he began the caption of his video post, accompanied by a video sharing more about his background and his hopes for the new initiative. “After the success of our 24 hour sale where we raised money for the @bailproject I’ve decided to make that a permanent part of my business structure. From now on I’ll be donating 5% of my annual net sales matched by my personal salary income to organizations that are dedicated to the education, justice, and liberation of black Americans.” Rather than making a one-time donation, Howell believes that this method of giving back will have a more meaningful impact on the organizations he’s supporting.

“I urge other vegan companiesbecause we care about life, right?—and vegan company CEOs to do the same. Whatever you can afford,” he concludes his inspiring message with a plea for more people and businesses to join him. See Howell’s full message and watch the video clip below.

Since a portion from the proceeds of Howell’s net sales will go towards these efforts, it’s safe to say we’ll be tacking on a few extra orders of Jalapeño & Cheddar Mac & Yease into our shopping cart.

Want to get more involved with this important social justice and political movement? Be sure to check out Plant-Based Brands That Support Black Lives Matter and Are Doing Something About It and 7 Black-Owned Vegan Businesses to Support Now, And Every Day, along with our Vegans of Color series.

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