Costa-Rican Diplomat Christiana Figueres, an instrumental architect of the Paris Climate Agreement, will now be lending her expertise to Impossible Foods after joining the company’s board of directors. Figueres’ new role makes sense given the shared aim of the Paris Climate Agreement and Impossible Food’s mission: Developing creative, sustainable solutions to help mitigate the effects of climate change.

Christiana Figueres Joins Board of Impossible Foods

Dr. Patrick Brown, the CEO and founder of Impossible Foods––famous for its success with its plant-based burger and partnerships with fast-food brands like Burger King and Starbucks––expects the meat industry to be obsolete in 15 years as accessibility to plant-based meat alternatives continues to increase. As Brown explains, with Figueres on the company's team, Impossible Foods hopes to continue to curb the environmental impact of factory farming.

“Christiana has tremendous influence as a global leader in the movement to avert catastrophic climate change,” said Brown. “We are thrilled to have her guidance as we pursue our essential environmental mission, especially as we accelerate our international expansion. Her experience and insights into working with the global community on climate change solutions will be invaluable in our fight to save the planet.”

The announcement of the company’s addition of such a critical figure in the Paris Climate Agreement comes as President Joe Biden just issued a list of executive orders to tackle the environmental crisis on his first day in office. One of the most notable announcements was Biden’s official recommitment to the Paris climate agreement after former President Trump withdrew the US from the deal. Between yesterday’s two announcements, there’s a lot of good news for those who choose a plant-based diet for the environmental concerns to celebrate.

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