As the weather starts to heat up, you might be clamoring for a stash of vegan-friendly frozen desserts. And, you might also be seeking sweet treats that please your taste buds but are also health-conscious and easy on the waistline. Many frozen desserts are packed with sugar, fat, calories and additives; and just because something is vegan, plant-based or dairy-free, doesn't automatically make it healthy. There are however plenty of frozen goodies that strike a balance between taste and health—you just have to know where to look and what brands you can rely on. We’ve rounded up some of the best vegan frozen desserts that make for a light refreshing cool-down when things get hot and your sweet tooth roars.

1. Sweet Nothings, Frozen Dessert

Finally, a frozen dessert packed with seriously good-for-you whole-food ingredients. Sweet Nothings vegan snacks transform frozen sweets into healthy indulgences you can feel good about. They say they’ve invented a proprietary formulation that leverages the natural functionality of superfoods, in just the right combination. The result is a creamy ice-cream-like texture, without added sugar or chemical stabilizers. You’ll find flax, chia, dates and various other fruits and nuts (depending on the flavor) blended inside these little, pre-portioned 90-calorie cups. Grabbing Sweet Nothings for dessert—or really any time of day—is a no brainer.

Order online (and at select retailers) here.

2. Arctic Zero, Pistachio, Frozen Dessert (“Ice Cream”)

This vegan ice cream is known for packing flavor—and only 160 calories—into an entire pint of ice cream. Yes, an entire pint. While many nut-based and dairy-based ice creams can be very caloric and have heavy amounts of fat and sugar, Arctic Zero slims down with a low-sugar and high-fiber ice cream. Arctic Zero uniquely uses a fava-bean base which allows them to keep their pints light. 

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3. My/Mo, Neapolitan, Mochi Cashew Cream Frozen Dessert

You may have heard of mochi, which is can be made from dairy ice cream, but My/Mo offers a traditional mochi that is also 100% dairy-free. My/Mo’s little treats are wrapped in a chewy dough outside and filled with dairy-free ice cream on the inside. My/Mo is sweet creamy meets chewy and silky rolled up into delightful squishy balls. Pop one of these 100-calorie desserts and you will be perfectly satisfied. They have many flavors but try the Neapolitan to take your senses on an enjoyable and thrilling roller coaster ride.

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4. So Delicious, Coconut Milk No Sugar Added Dipped Vanilla Dairy-Free Frozen Dessert

Perhaps one of the best OG non-dairy brands is So Delicious. With a huge selection of packaged frozen desserts, we have our eye on their line up of perfectly portioned 110-calorie coconut milk ice cream bars. With a seriously indulgent taste, you get that chocolatey crunch on the outside and creamy center. Trust, you won’t miss the dairy ice cream after switching to So Delicious.

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5. ReBLEND, Frosé All Day, Frozen Wellness Shot Pops


This new line of frozen wellness pops are packed with fruits, vegetables and superfoods. ReBLEND’s wellness shot pops come in four flavors, including our personal favorite, Frosé All Day. These pops are also tackling food waste via their reHARVEST + rePURPOSE platform. Through this initiative, reBLEND works with farmers to purchase and use fruits and vegetables that are too small or not to cosmetic standards and would otherwise go to waste. If you need a hit of something sweet and cold—and want to feel good about your choice—these 25-calorie smoothie-like pops will do the trick. 

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