If you’re anything like us during these strange, socially distanced days, firing up an order on popular food delivery platform, DoorDash, is a pretty convenient way to satiate your craving for a vegan sushi platter or loaded burrito with plenty o’ plant-based beef crumbles.

Or, apparently a burger. Lots and lots of burgers. According to a recent report on food trends from the company, shared on DoorDash’s blog, the first half of the year has revealed a growing interest in vegan eats. To determine their findings, the company used order data from January 1st through June 30th of this year, along with a national consumer survey polling 2,000 Americans on their eating behavior. Per their results, “plant-based foods are on the rise with a huge surge for meatless burgers with a 443% increase.” If you were to line them all up, we’re going to go ahead and guess that’s a lot of semi-trucks filled with plant-based patties, dear readers.

Report Shows Plant-Based Options on the Rise

In addition to the rising interest in plant-based meat, 18-to-24-year-old customers revealed themselves to be the demographic “most interested in finding plant-based and vegan ordering options.” (Three cheers for the youngsters! Though we can’t say we’re surprised; check out this recent survey from The Food Institute that showed that Gen Z-ers want to eat more vegan or plant-based foods.)

When it comes to food habits sea change is coming in terms of diners’ evolving palates. According to DoorDash’s report, 20% have seriously considered veganism, and 6% are or have been vegan at some point in time. Food-wise, vegetable pasta was called out as the most appetizing vegan dish among options, coming in first by 31%. Tofu dishes were dubbed least appetizing, clocking in last by 36%. Interestingly, those young adults in the ages 18-to-24 sector ranked plant-based meat first with 27% of respondents selecting it as their number one over vegetable pasta, revealing that this age group is really gung-ho for plant-based meat.
While America still has a long way to go on the vegan front, this encouraging data definitely bodes well for the growth of a plant-based or plant-curious consumer base. On that note, we’re thinking that The Candle Cafe’s Beyond burger with vegan mozzarella cheese, sautéed mushrooms, caramelized onions, mesclun, tomatoes and pickles on a sesame seed bun with potato fries and a side of Buffalo-crusted cauliflower with mesclun and garlic-cashew dipping sauce is calling our name.

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