Not only do we want Bob and Fran German to take us under their wing, but we also hope we can be as healthy and active as they are when we’re their age. We first heard about this incredible couple—who vlog on YouTube channel “Young at Any Age”—from Plant Based News. Now, we want to soak up all the wisdom this inspiring octogenarian couple has to offer us.

“We believe that getting older does not necessarily mean getting sicker, so we are providing a series of videos to help you increase your vitality, decrease your anxiety, and even reverse the aging process,” Bob says in the introductory video to their channel below.

Their videos dive into topics such as preventing and reversing disease, eating a plant-based diet, losing weight and having a youthful attitude (we’ll take a double dose of that one). You can browse their whole video library here. There’s also no shortage of videos on qigong tutorials, a meditative martial art that combines a series of postures with breathing and meditation.

“We’re both in our eighties and we’re feeling better than ever, so we’d like you to join us in this journey...let’s get healthy and stay healthy together,” Bob concludes the message, reminding us that achieving a healthy life is a commitment to make for the long-haul.

On their channel, the duo provides plenty of plant-based content, including a video on low-cost plant-based meals for beginners and how a vegan diet can help protect your heart. Want more of this impressive couple? Check out their book 101 Ways To Be Young At Any Age!: Practical Wisdom to Reverse Your Aging, STARTING NOW! 

On that note, off we go to practice that qigong sequence.

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