The global vegetable powder market is soaring, thanks to an increase of health-conscious consumers who want to maximize their nutrient consumption, and the food industry is focusing on and investing in health-boosting products to help consumers do just that.

Food manufacturers are converting raw fruits and vegetables into the powdered form with added protein to deliver vital nutrients in a more convenient, long-lasting form. These powders vary in ingredients and nutritional value depending on the types of vegetables and fruits used, but they all add flavor to food items and help customers meet their daily suggested intake of nutrients. This rise is in part due to heightened consumer concerns about their health in reaction to the current pandemic.

Report Shows Vegetable and Fruit Powder Market on the Rise

A recent report from AMA Research on the Global Vegetable Powder Market revealed that "vegetable powder is rapidly growing due to rising concern of consumers about their health and demand for veggie powder with added protein, fiber, and other nutrients." Beyond aiding consumers in obtaining more nutrients during the COVID-19 pandemic, fruit and vegetable powders also have a long shelf life, making this product a good option for shoppers that may not be able to leave their homes very frequently to get groceries.

Vegetable powders are used in beverages, protein powders, and recipes and are an excellent way of providing off-season vegetable flavors in food items. These powders are an easy, effective way to add more vitamins and nutrients to your diet. Some innovative ways to incorporate the vegetable powder into your diet are sprinkling them over roasted vegetables, mixing the powder into salad dressings, sauces, and dips, or using it as a base for soup.

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