There are few things I love more than a really great snack. But not just any ol’ hummus
and carrots combo (no offense to hummus!). I just need big flavor to really tide me over
until my next meal. Of course, I also want my snack to be plant-forward (i.e. not just tortilla chips) and healthy, by which I mean nutrient-dense.

And that’s exactly how you should be thinking of snacks: As an excuse to cram more
nutrients into your daily diet outside of your regular meals. Try adding in some seaweed
here (high in iodine and other minerals), some olives there (rich in monounsaturated
fatty acids), and some fiber-filled gummies (I swear they’re delicious) when you need a
sweet kick.

The other rule of thumb when it comes to making a healthy bite? Keep your macronutrients in mind. An ideal snack would be a mini version of a balanced meal, containing a good mix of protein, fat, and fiber to keep you feeling full and satiated—and not just hungry for more snacks. That may mean picking one packaged carb snack and combining it with a fruit (an orange or apple or a handful of berries) and fat (a few almonds, a spoonful of sunflower seed butter, or a little chia pudding). It can take some time—and a good bit of planning—to get accustomed to thinking about snacks this way, but the picks below are a great place to start. Bonus—they’re portable!

Here are the 10 plant-based snacks I’m loving right now.


1. Pan’s Original Mushroom Jerky, $9

The meatiness of shiitake mushrooms lends itself well to a jerky-type treat, and Pan’s
really hits the spot when you’re in need of a little umami in your life.
Nutrition notes: These are hard to beat: one serving provides 45% of your daily value
of vitamin D, and they also contain 6 grams of fiber (21% of your daily value), plus a
little calcium, iron, and potassium.


2. SeaSnax Lime, $9 for 12

I never considered myself a seaweed person before trying these dried seaweed crisps,
but Seasnax has transformed me. I now crave this strangely delicious, crunchy-salty-
citrusy snack. The lime powder changes everything.
Nutrition notes: Seaweed is chock full of trace minerals like iodine, zinc, copper, and


3. Cocoyo Yogurt, (price may vary)

I’ve tried a lot of dairy-free yogurts, but I keep coming back to Cocoyo. The fluffy texture
and tangy taste make a great base for a handful of blueberries or a scoop of nutty
Nutrition notes: Made from the meat (not the milk!) of the coconut, this is a great
source of plant-based fat—and probiotics, of course.


4.  Just a Handful of Olives, $10 for four

I can’t tell you how many times finding one of these pocket-sized packs of pitted, salty manzanilla olives in my bag has saved me from near starvation. Each pouch packs exactly 10 olives, no more, no less. It’s a fatty snack that fuels you instantly.
Nutrition notes: There are 5 grams of total fat in these, with 3 grams of monounsaturated fat (the anti-inflammatory kind).


5. Treeline Cashew Nut Cheese, $9 in stores

Missing a cheese board? Treeline’s line-up of cashew cheeses mixed with herbs and spices are the answer. Slathered on toast or crackers, it makes for a super savory snack that feels like just the right amount of luxe.
Nutrition notes: Made with whole food ingredients, one ounce has 3 grams of protein,
7 grams of fat, and just 3 grams of carbs.


6. Smart Sweets, $20 for 6

These healthy twists on the candy of your youth are all fun without the guilt. Smart
Sweets are made with corn fiber and chicory root and honestly taste just as good as the
real thing. I’m partial to the peach rings.
Nutrition notes: One pouch has 86% (24 grams!) of your daily value of fiber. From
candy. Really.


7. Lesser Evil Paleo Puffs, $4

These grain-free cheeze puffs are made with cassava flour and coconut oil plus lots of
nutritional yeast for that savory, cheesy flavor. Full disclosure: they’re pretty addicting.

Nutrition notes: No “natural flavors” here: it’s all good stuff on this label, like organic
sweet potato powder, organic pink Himalayan crystal salt, and organic cassava and
coconut flours.


8. Kraut Krisps, Dill Pickle, $3

Hear me out: Dill pickle-flavored cabbage chips may not sound appetizing, but I assure
you, they’re mouth-puckeringly delicious. Especially served on the side of a veggie
powerhouse sandwich—they’re a level up from your standard tortilla chip.
Nutrition notes: Packed with sauerkraut, this is a fermented food that’s as good for you
as it is tasty.


9. TJ’s Chocolate Hummus, $2

We could likely write an entire article about all the vegan snacks at Trader Joe’s, but this
one tops the list. Their dairy-free chocolate hummus is just the kind of thing I’m always
looking for—healthy food with big (chocolatey) flavor.
Nutrition notes: One 2-tablespoon serving has 1.5 grams of fat and just 5 grams of
sugar, plus 2 grams of protein.


10. Brami Beans, $4

Never heard of lupini beans before? The Italian deli classic got a makeover, thanks to
Brami Beans. Now in flavors like sea salt and chili lime, you too can swoon over their briny, salty, satisfying taste. Nutrition notes: Lupini beans were beloved by Roman warriors for a reason: they’re chock-full of protein (7 grams) and slow-burning carbs (5 grams of fiber!).

On a snack kick? More options right this way.

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