If you ask us, the hardest part of adopting a mostly plant-based approach isn’t giving up meat.  It was switching our  preference from Caesar salad dressing and havinng vinaigrette. While there are plenty of worthy substitutes for products like burgers and bratwursts, we’ve long been struggling to find a suitable Caesar dressing substitute.

Mother Raw, the Canadian company that makes plant-based dressings, dips, queso, and condiments, is planning an expansion that will make their products even more available across North America. They’ve just closed on a round of Series A financing, of $6.1 million, led by investor Forage Capital Partners, alongside Export Development Canada (EDC) and re-investment from Whitecap Venture Partners. The infusion of capital will “help further propel rapid growth” via enhanced distribution, increased R&D projects, and boosting its marketing and sales efforts.

Since launching in early 2019, the Toronto-based company has distributed its products to approximately 3,700+ stores with roughly 1,600 new retailers coming on in the U.S. including Meijer, Pavilions, Sprouts, Target, Walmart Canada, and Whole Foods, since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. With the motto “Put Good on Good,” we love that the brand aspires to get everyone to eat more plant foods. We also love that it’s a woman-led operation, with Kristi Knowles at the helm as Mother Raw’s CEO.

“The Mother Raw team remains steadfast in our focus to delight our consumers, retailers, and suppliers as we advance our mission and business to make consciously crafted plant-based foods that deliver on taste,” said Knowles in a company press release. “Now with added partners on board, Mother Raw is excited about the future ahead with investment partners who wholeheartedly believe in our mission, are a strategic fit, and possess expertise and knowledge to complement our business. I’m confident our combined efforts and timely boost to the business will bring even greater success.”

Check out all of their products—from Ranch Dressing and Spicy Vegan Queso to French Onion Dip and Poppy Seed Dressing, here.

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