Kellogg's, the brand we all know for sugary cereals and unhealthy snacks, is making a forward-thinking investment in helping to expand MorningStar Farms. As the market for plant-based food continues to grow and outpace traditional offerings in the US, Kellogg's announced it will be investing $43 million to further expand manufacturing capabilities at the MorningStar Farms production plant in Zanesville, Ohio.

MorningStar Farms, which was started in 1975, was one of the first widely distributed food brands to focus on bringing the public vegetarian and plant-based alternatives.

This is just the latest example of a mainstream “Big Food” company getting into the plant-based food space. Nestle just announced that it will be launching a plant-based tuna in Europe and the Swiss giant has invested in production facilities for plant-based food in China

Kellogg's, which bought MorningStar Farms back in 1999, has been focusing on growing it plant-based food offerings.

Nielsen research has shown that 75% of the U.S. population is open to eating plant-based foods. As of today, Kellogg's entire food portfolio is 86% plant-based, which includes cereals, snacks, and meat alternatives, making it a leading global plant-based food company.


“Expanding the [Zanesville] facility will help us continue to meet consumer demands for their favorite plant-based products,” said Kris Bahner, a Kellogg's spokesperson. "We are excited for the future and hoping more large companies will follow Kellogg’s example for investing in plant-based and vegan food."


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