Beyoncé’s nonprofit BeyGood continues to help Black-owned, plant-forward small businesses run the world. The Black-Owned Small Business Impact Fund, created in a partnership between BeyGood and the NAACP, just endowed Herban-Eats––a Black-owned, vegan company based in South Carolina––with a $10,000 grant.

Dawn Hilton-Williams, the owner of Herban-Eats, founded the company with a mission to make vegan wellness more accessible to her community. Hilton-Williams’ company offers vegan catering, plant-based education, cooking classes, food delivery, and community outreach programs in one place.

Hilton-Williams described the importance of Herban’s Eats objective, saying, “My company’s mission is to radicalize wellness with food. We believe that a successful transition for Black and brown communities can be both vegan and minimally processed. While also being affordable, vegucational, and full of familiar Flava. Because of that, we help bring ease to the journey from health-poverty to health-wealth for those who need it most,” she told LiveKindly.

Hilton-Williams applied to The Black-Owned Small Business Impact Fund’s fourth round of funding after COVID-19 required she shift her business model–reducing her capacity to offer free services for her community in-person. Now, with the help of the grant, she’ll be able to continue to help organize events like the farmer’s market, where Hilton-Williams offered plant-based food and cooking demonstrations for free, helping educate her community on the health benefits of a plant-based diet.

Herban-Eats is one of the 75 businesses that received funding from the grant, designed to support Black-owned businesses through the pandemic’s economic hardships. Earlier this year, Beyoncé, herself a fan––and based on her unforgettable Coachella performance––living proof of the benefits of a plant-based diet, awarded the Vegan Tennessee bakery The Pink Bakery with a $10,000 grant. BeyGood’s support of black-owned, community-oriented, vegan entrepreneurs proves there’s nothing more powerful than Beyoncé or a plant-based lifestyle.

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