The momentum in the dairy-free milk category is still on the upswing. Soy once reigned supreme, then there was almond and coconut milk, and finally, oat milk now has baristas in a froth because it’s the creamiest of all the nondairy milk. Or is it? Are you ready for the next big craze in plant milk? The little chia seed is about to start a dairy-free revolution.

Chia seeds have been around for thousands of years. In the last decade, though, they’ve cemented their place in the healthy food arena. Southern California brand Mamma Chia helped bring the power of chia to market with its drinks and kid-friendly pouches. The little seed is a great food for grown-ups, but it's especially suited to little kids—all of those omega fatty acids, calcium, and plant protein make them a perfect brain food.

The chia seed is incredibly versatile, too. It can become an egg replacer in baked goods, or you can let the seeds soak in a nondairy milk and you’ve got a healthy tapioca-like pudding. And now, Mamma Chia is bringing the first chia milk to market.

The 'Magic' of Chia

“For over ten years, Mamma Chia has been creating delicious, nutrient-rich beverages and snacks powered by the Magic of Chia. We are delighted to share more of that magic with our light and creamy plant-based Chiamilk that makes it easy to enjoy more of the nourishing benefits of chia as part of your daily routine,” Mamma Chia CEO and founder Janie Hoffman said in a statement.

“More than ever, consumers today are craving plant-based food and beverage choices, so we lovingly crafted this recipe to give consumers a non-dairy milk option with exceptional nutrition and a taste that outperforms other alternative milks in the market.”

The new milk contains chia’s omega fatty acid profile, and medium-chain triglycerides (MCT). One serving contains more calcium than cow’s milk. And the new milk is sugar-free.

Mamma Chia’s Chiamilk will be available at Sprouts Farmers Markets with additional stores launching later this year.

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