If you want to lose weight, boost your immunity, and have more energy, this is the diet for you. You'll eat healthy plant-based meals and snacks consisting of mostly vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and legumes for 14 days, and watch the pounds drop off. We went to a successful plant-based Registered Dietician, Nicole Osinga, to create this effective plan just for you.

On the VegStart Diet, you can lose weight and keep it off for good, while eating naturally immune-boosting foods that give you all-day energy to work out, stay focused, and feel amazing–never hungry or deprived. Get the whole diet on your phone, computer, and as a beautiful e-book in PDF form to download, print out, and keep handy. Plus, we'll send you an email every day with the recipes, motivating tips, and secrets to your success.

On the 14-Day VegStart Diet, you'll lose weight and feel amazing!

Sign up for the VegStart Diet and You'll Get:

  • 14 Days of Recipes: Breakfasts, lunches, dinners & snacks

  • 2 Shopping Lists: One for each week of the diet

  • 1 Meal-Prep Guide: Set yourself up for success

  • 15 Motivating Tips: To make it easy to stay on track

  • 1 VegStart Diet E-book: It's beautiful with over 100 pages!

  • 14 Daily Newsletters: One for each day of the diet

  • 1 Helpful Community: Join and support each other

The VegStart Diet so easy it's nearly impossible not to stay on track. We give you everything you need to succeed. Start today and feel better in days.

Once you sign up we will send you a 100+ page e-book to download and print out, as well as the entire plan on The Beet which you can access from your phone: You'll get 14 days of recipes, two weekly shopping lists, a daily newsletter, and 15 motivating tips. Get ready to get your diet–and your body–back on a healthy track. You're going to feel amazing.

The VegStart Diet Works! How do we know? Because we tried it.

Fad diets don't work. What does? A healthy diet of mostly whole foods that grow in the ground and full of healthy filling fiber, immune-boosting antioxidants and energy providing whole grains, plus heart-healthy fats that help your body rev up its fat-burning engines.

The VegStart Diet was created by a Registered Dietician, Nicole Osinga, in partnership with The Editors of The Beet, including Lucy Danziger, former Editor-in-Chief of SELF magazine and author of successful diet books featuring how to lose weight eating healthy superfoods. RD, Nicole Osinga is a Registered Dietician, plant-based meal prep superstar, and she is here to guide you through the next two weeks of healthy eating designed for weight loss.

Feel healthier and start losing weight today.

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The VegStart Diet is so easy and effective, in just 14 days you will be able to feel the difference, as your clothes will be looser, your bloat gone, the scale will start to move in the right direction, and keep going. This is the only diet plan you'll ever need since it's the one you want to stick with, for lasting results. This plan lets you eat three meals and a snack a day, of delicious, high-fiber plant-based foods including pasta, veggie burgers, and smoothies bowls, all while losing weight without going hungry.

The last few months have been especially stressful, and junk food has been too close at hand, as we work from home. The VegStart Diet makes it easy to shed unwanted pounds and build lean muscle through plant-based protein sources, in as little as two weeks.

So now is your chance to get leaner, boost your immunity, and feel energized, all on a simple plant-based plan–starting today.