We all approach dieting in different ways and for some, e-Books are the resource that leads to success.

Download the 100+ page e-Book of The VegStart Diet, which contains the entire plan in one place: 14 days of recipes, 2 shopping lists, a meal-prep guide, helpful graphics and motivating expert tips.

Print out the full e-Book and log your progress to stay on course with the helpful journal in the back. Get ready to get your diet–and your body–back on a healthy track. You're going to feel amazing.

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Your password to open the ebook is: GoVeganGetHealthy2020

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Keep Track of Your Progress

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Keeping a progress log is an effective way to stay on track throughout your diet. Use this log to write down your day to day meals, workouts, mood and wins to help you ace this diet.

Download The VegStart Diet Progress Tracker here.