Vegan Diet

How to Start a Vegan Diet: Choose the Free Diet Plan That’s Right For You
Vegan everything is the latest wellness trend to take over our feeds and influence our food choices. But a vegan approach or plant-based way of eating isn’t only a short-term solution to lose weight. As a nutritionist, I can tell you that numerous studies show that adopting a predominantly plant-centric lifestyle can have major benefits for your long-term health, including reduced risk of chronic
The Easiest Way to Start a Vegan Diet is One Meal a Day, a Nutritionist Says
The world is changing, and you’re likely spending more time at cooking than ever before. There are so many things you can’t control during this pandemic era, so why not focus on something you can control, like your diet? If you’ve been thinking of transitioning to a plant-based diet but never had the time to research how to do it properly or cook your meals, there’s no time like the present. This