Blood Pressure

To Lower Blood Pressure, Eat These 5 Foods and Avoid These 5
Got high blood pressure? Most likely the answer is yes, given that almost half of American adults have this condition, putting them at greater risk of heart disease and stroke, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Yet that blood pressure is largely under your control...
5 Minutes of Breathing Is as Effective in Lowering Blood Pressure as Medication
A new study has found that doing 5 minutes of breathing exercises works to lower blood pressure as effectively as medication does, according to researchers at CU Boulder. The breathing exercises are a specific type of inhaling to bring oxygen deep into the lungs, called Muscular Strength Training, which has been described as "working out your breathing muscles" since you need to inhale d
To Lower Blood Pressure Study Says Eat Plant-Based and Limit Animal Product
A new study that looked at seven different diets showed that a plant-based approach lowers blood pressure best, but it still works if the person eats a small amount of meat and dairy. High blood pressure is the number one factor in strokes, heart attacks, and other cardiovascular diseases, so eating more plant-based to lower blood pressure is a global priority, the study authors said since it coul