Not everyone goes plant-based to lose weight or get fitter. But if that is your goal, I have a secret weapon to share with you. She is a blogger, influencer and all-around cheerleader for being healthy, fit, and following a plant-based diet for weight-loss and wellbeing. Forgive me if I am having a moment, but Kenzie Burke is my current girl crush. Yep, I said it.

Even if you're not trying to drop any weight, but you just need a little inspiration in your plant-based journey, Kenzie Burke is a must-follow on Instagram. The minute I scrolled through Kenzie's account, I immediately hit the follow button because of her genuine authenticity and how much she shares of her whole life, and how to transform yours. Kenzie shares everything from her favorite plant-based products like Food for Life bread (she is gluten-free as well as plant-based) and her favorite chocolates (Hu Kitchen which is both paleo and vegan). Kenzie (it's hard not to use her first name since she feels like a friend) develops her own easy, delicious recipes, that even a non-cook can follow. She believes in food combining, the practice of eating certain food types that are thought to digest well together.

I credit Kenzie for kickstarting my plant-based journey and helping me add more movement into my life. Her account is extremely helpful since she breaks down into simple steps on how to eat and move to feel your best every day. Her go-to fitness choices range from HIIT with a trainer to hot yoga, and boxing.

Before I found Kenzie, I had no clue what a "plant-based diet" was, and how much it would benefit me in my own journey to get healthier and feel better. Kenzie encourages everyone to listen to their bodies and not deprive yourself:  She always tells followers, if you want a snack, eat a snack. Or If you want a second serving of pasta, go for it. Her message is supportive and not draconian or harsh. She believes: Don’t limit yourself if your body is telling you otherwise.

For anyone who wants to get serious, I suggest you try her "21 Day Days to Your Best Body" ebook which kept me on track and is accessible and forgiving when it comes to dieting. You can have bread, pasta, rice, pizza and still be healthy and lose weight. It's all about going plant-based but you can still enjoy your favorite meals without animal fat or dairy in them.

The best part about the recipes Kenzie developed and shares in her 21-day program is that they are simple, quick and delicious! Her recipes consist of pasta, soups, wraps, tacos and they’re all completely healthy and plant-based. If you love to eat out, Kenzie even offers suggestions for various cuisines like American, Mexican, and Thai.

I was able to switch to a plant-based diet because of Kenzie. Whether you're new to plant-based eating or consider yourself a seasoned vet, Kenzie has so many tips and tricks to offer, I recommend she be your next follow.