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The Beet is your essential guide to eating more plant-based, and love every bite. If you want to boost your energy, lower your risk of disease, and reach your personal wellness goals by eating more plant-based foods, we're here to help. (Eating plant-based is also better for the environment since farming animals is one of the largest contributors of greenhouse gases.)

Get a free plant-based recipe of the day, plus product reviews of everything from dairy-free creamers to the latest "chicken" nuggets made with pea protein.

The Beet App is where food, health news, reviews, expert advice, and the culture meet – in the palm of your hand.

Key Features:
• Recipe of the day, for plant-based, delicious and affordable meals
• Reviews of the latest plant-based products
• ‘Getting Started’ guides to help you begin your plant-based journey
• Helpful guides to ‘Find Vegan Near Me’ in over 40 cities
• Advice from leading experts on how to eat for better health
• Push notification for new recipes, news, product reviews, and more
• Save articles for reading later (supports offline viewing)

Eating more plants is great for you. Whether you've just tried your first plant-based burger or you're already eating plant-based a few days a week, or you call yourself a vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian, flexitarian, plant-leaning, or fully plant-based, you'll find what you need to reach your goals with The Beet.

Whatever your motivation: To be healthier, to lose weight, to feel less bloated, to be heart-healthy, to get off the meds, to eat for the environment, to benefit the welfare of animals, or for any other reason. It’s not complicated, as we like to say: Just Add Plants!

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